This is my life 🌸

So today I’ve been doing alot of thinking. Especially in regards to where I come from and our attitudes towards mental health. It’s crazy because of Ireland’s history of institutions and ignorance of mental health how afraid people are to speak about their problems. As a young person growing up in Ireland, I know first hand, the way my parents were raised is not the way I will raise my own children. In “old” Ireland they were brought up with never crying if you are upset, to nearly be embarrassed if you did so and to never speak about problems in regards your mental health,they were shrugged under the carpet so to speak. It was shameful to even be related to someone who suffered from depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia and they were “locked away” to lessen the shame. Today, this should not be case with so much awareness of mental health but sadly it is. Our country has such a high rate of suicides and it boils down to people not feeling comfortable to speak about what’s going on in their heads which is sad is this day and age. We are a small population and to have such a high rate of suicides in such a young age group is even sadder. Life is meant to be lived and not cut short because the services to support people when they’re feeling this way are not available. We need to make our voices heard and in doing this make the government aware that it’s their fault our young people are suffering at their hands. Every individuals circumstances are different and I understand that but our health service is failing us dreadfully. I hope in 2017 along with my voice and plenty others we can help to improve our health service for the better, so that young people all across Ireland young and old can be provided with the support that is so drastically needed. This is my life and I want to improve it for the better and to do this there needs to be a lot more provision in mental health services.


Something has got to change 💜

My first blog post..Wow..Who thought it could be this hard! So I’m Nicola but most people know me as Nic. I’m 22 and from Ireland. I suppose the reason I wanted to start this blog is to help people understand depression. For every individual it is different I understand that. In this blog I’m going to post my story, how I deal with scenarios in my life and how positivity, life, family,friends and laughter is so important in your recovery 😁😁